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Frenzy becomes a religion - update


Frenzy, the hard house and hard dance event based in Bournemouth, has announced it has officially become a religion.

This extra-ordinary step has been taken in response to Bournemouth Borough Council's recent legislation banning the distribution of marketing materials on the streets, unless a licence is purchased or express permission granted.

The ruling does not apply "where the distribution is for the purposes of a religion or belief."

After consultation with their legal counsel, Frenzy have decided to create a religion based on the following ideas:

I shall pay my council tax
I shall not drop litter
I shall respect my neighbours
I shall rave safely

The first official gathering of the Frenzy faithful will be at Dusk Till Dawn nightclub in Bournemouth on Friday 1 August. The preacher will be Frantic's newest resident - Frisky.

Bournemouth Borough Council have so far declined to comment.

A Christian movement called the "Blessed Evangelists" are planning to demonstrate outside the Frenzy night on Friday 1 August.

The organisation objects to what they describe as "disrespectful actions" and an "outrageous publicity stunt."


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