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BK & Vinylgroover

Mixmag once decribed Scott Attrill aka Vinylgroover as “one of the best the hard dance scene has to offer.” He is certainly a major player having dj-ed all over the UK and abroad for over 10 years.

Ben Keen aka BK began his career at the age of 16 as a trainee engineer at a London studio. Since then he has gone on to produce more than 100 tracks and remixes, dj extensively throughout the UK and internationally, and launch his own respected hard dance label. But he remains in his own words “ever changing and full of energy.”


What is new in BK World?

BK – I am really busy in the studio, gigging, and spending time with my baby daughter. It’s hectic but all good!

And in Attrill’s space?

SA – Things have been manic already this year. I have been in the studio finishing a number of tracks. I will probably be compiling another artist album as I have been working flat out on new material since Bass Junkie was released last April. As well as that I have been dj-ing and putting some tours together.

What has been going on with your record labels?

SA - The labels are doing fantastically well with Riot in Ibiza 2008, Bass Junkie, The Nu Wave, and The Music Journal on physical cd last year. That really has set the standard for us for 2009 so our new album should kick start the year with a huge bang. It is also exciting times as the labels have some brilliant material from the likes of Future Disciple, Kutski, Judge Jules, Yoji, Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage, Alex Kidd, me and Ben, and loads more. We have more Music Journals planned too as well as another Riot In Ibiza album.

What’s this about a new album?

SA – Yes, Riot is releasing Filthy House For Dirty Stopouts 2. It’s a double cd with one mixed by myself and the other by BK.

What’s the thinking behind it?

SA - The album showcases the best tracks from the last couple of years as well as many brand new tracks from our labels Riot & Traffic.

You started 2009 with a Riot at The End in London. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

BK/SA - More of the same! We are hoping to get some regular events back in the capital as the response to this Riot has been huge. Look out for those! We also have brand new merchandise being launched this year as well as all the usual label releases and projects.

Will you be back in Ibiza?

BK/SA – We hope so! Last season was our first party and it rocked. We are hoping to be back to the White Isle this summer with hopefully a few more parties.

Scott, you produced a debut artist album recently. Are you having a break from producing now?

SA - No, probably the opposite! I have been working non-stop since I released Bass Junkie last April. Since then I have remixed Techy Techy for Yoji on Hellhouse, 28 Tracks Later on Traffic (a big Ibiza anthem and it had support from Judge Jules on Radio 1), as well as remixing The Pod, and releasing a new track – Existence – so 2008 was very busy. I now have a number of new tracks so I am trying to get everything finished as well as working on new projects. Watch this space!

When you are not being full-on what do you do?

SA - It’s full-on a lot of the time, to be honest, but when I do get time I just chill out and watch a film or Entourage – it’s my favourite show at the moment.

Filthy House For Dirty Stopouts 2 was unleashed on 26 January.

Interview by Daniel Slipper